Formal ground school is now being offered for: Private, Instrument and Commercial Ratings.

Ground school at DuBois Aviation is typically conducted one on one with your instructor before each flight (with home-work assignments).
If you feel you learn better in a group environment, formal ground school (class style) is just for you!

Save Money with our group ground school courses below!

Questions are welcomed and expect a knowledgeable answer!

All classes are conducted using the Jeppesen Private, Instrument and Commercial textbooks (textbooks are not included but available for purchase).
Each section (bullet) below is one class lasting two hours.

Private Pilot Course

which includes
  • Discovering Aviation
  • Airplane Systems
  • Aerodynamic Principles
  • The Flight Environment
  • Meteorology and Pilots
  • Interpreting Weather Data
  • Navigation
  • Applying Human Factor Principles
  • Flying Cross Country
  • FAA knowledge test prep and endorsement

Instrument Pilot Course

which includes
  • Building Professional Experience
  • Principles of Instrument Flight
  • The Flight Environment
  • Departure
  • Enroute
  • Arrival
  • Approach
  • Instrument Approaches
  • Meteorology
  • IFR Flight Considerations
  • FAA knowledge test prep and endorsement

Commercial Pilot Course

which includes
  • Advanced Systems
  • Aerodynamics and Performance Limitations
  • Commercial Flight Considerations
  • Commercial Maneuvers
  • FAA knowledge test prep and endorsement

Please call to inquire about dates and times. A calendar will be published soon.