Summer Aviation Camp

Summer Aviation Camp Dubois Aviation

Ground School

  • Introduction to airplanes
  • Forces acting on an airplane in flight
  • Airplane control surfaces and how they control the aircraft
  • Learning the phonetic alphabet
  • Learn about taxiways and runways
  • Clouds and weather
  • What makes an airplane fly
  • Aircraft systems
  • Radio communications
  • Learn about controlled airports
  • Basics of airspace
  • Traffic patterns
  • Takeoff and landing configurations
  • Pilots etiquette 
  • Pilots log book and how to log your flights
  • Requirements to become a pilot

In Flight Training

  • Get behind the controls on your first class!
  • One on one flying time with a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)
  • Perform touch and go landings
  • Listen to the control tower while in flight
  • Enter a traffic traffic pattern
  • Flight each week for every student (4 flights total)
  • Seat cushions available for best visibility 
  • Headsets will be provided for each student. (Cleaned after each use)
  • Log flight instruction which can be used towards your pilots license requirements

Provided Materials

  • 1 Toy airplane per student, used for ground school 
  • 1 Pilots log book
  • T-Shirt (Pilot in Training)
  • All worksheets will be provided
  • Small Snack and water bottle
  • Digital Gopro video of students flight


  • Dates will be June 12,19,26 and July 10th
  • 2 class times available 9am-12pm and 1pm to 4pm
  • Masks will be required while indoors
  • Parents must sign liability waver
  • Small Snack provided, but your welcome to bring your own as well
  • Air conditioned class room
  • Students should wear comfortable clothing and closed toe shoes
  • Yes students will get to fly the airplane ( with a little help from our instructor)
  • $449 per student
  • Call to reserve 909-597-6292