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Helicopter Golf Ball Drop Request
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All Golf Ball drops must be paid in full one week prior to shceduled drop. A $250 non-refundable deposit is due upon recieving your invoice. You can make your payment by calling our front desk @ (909) 597-6292. If you need to cancel your drop, you need to do so no later than 24 hours prior to the event. If you cancel the day of you will still be charged the full amount due. If you are choosing to use your own designated Golf Balls, they must be dropped off at our location no later than one day prior to the event. If you choose to use DuBois Aviation Balls, there is an additional $200 charge. Drop Location I understand the the event coordinator is responsible for keeping all spectators at a safe distance to the drop zone. All spectators must maintain 200 feet from the drop zone and staff members must maintain 100 feet from the drop zone. The drop zone must have a clearance of 100 ft clear of trees in all directions. We request the drop zone be clearly marked so it can be spotted from the air about 500 feet above.
Price: $250.00

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