All flight instruction and ground school is one-on-one



A checkride will be scheduled for your Private Pilot certificate rating.

Bryce CFI


All of our instructors at DuBois Aviation are experienced, high time employees.

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Du Bois Aviation is located at Chino Airport in Chino California. We are hangared on the corner of Merrill Avenue and Cal-Aero Drive, the main entrance to Chino Airport. See our directions page for more info.

Chino Airport is a Modern County Airport with a control tower and three runways, the longest being 7000 feet. Chino airport averages 345 V.F.R. days per year. You will find three instrument approaches (ILS or LOC 26R, VOR 26R and RNAV(GPS) 26R).

Chino Airport also sport’s some of the finest Air-Museums in the country, Planes of Fame Air Museum and Yanks Air Museum. If you are hungry please visit Flo’s Airport Cafe.

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All flight instruction and ground school is one-on-one with qualified instructors using Jeppesen Learning Materials

Enstrom Helicopter Flight Training

Du Bois Aviation is now operating an Enstrom F28A helicopter vs. a Robinson R22 .

T.S.A. Requirements

Due to the events of September 11th 2001, the T.S.A. now requires the following information


My name is Bryce  and ever since I was a kid I dreamed of flying.  I began flying at Dubois Aviation in 2014 and 7 years later I am the proud owner of the school where my adventure began. I’m very excited to take this school to the next level and have fun while doing it. I currently own multiple other businesses unrelated to aviation, but I have dedicated the majority of my time to the school at this point. 

Bryce CFI

Bryce, Owner CFI 450 Hours TT, 50 hrs. dual with students.​

Patrick CFI

Patrick, CFI 1100hrs. total time, 800hrs. dual with students.​

Cole, CFI/CFII 900hrs. total time, 550hrs dual with students

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DuBois Aviation operates ten aircraft We have six Piper Cherokee’s,


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