DuBois Aviation operates ten aircraft.

We have six Piper Cherokee’s, one Cessna 150, one Mooney Mark-20B, one Piper Apache and a Enstrom F28 helicopter.

We own our aircraft and take great measures to maintain them to FAA standards. The interiors are clean and un-torn, everthing works, no inoperative instruments. Our aircraft are also hangared at all times and washed regularly.

In comparison to other flight schools you may visit, you will find our aircraft to be in “cherry” condition.

(Hourly time calculated using HOBBS meter in aircraft.)

** Block Rates only apply with deposits of $1,000 increments on your account.

Block/Cash Discount: Receive an additional

Receive an additional 1% Discount each time you make a $1,000 (Block) using CASH or CHECK deposit.
Thereafter, you continue to receive the Block Rate until you use your $1,000 deposit.


U.S. Pilot Certificate

Medical Certificate

Pilot Log Book

Photo I.D. or unexpired Passport

You will also need to be checked out in our aircraft by one of our instructors. This typically takes 1-3 hours. There is NO daily minimum on aircraft rentals.

Due to rising fuel prices we have no choice but to implement a temporary fuel surcharge until 100LL drops back below $4.00/gal

Single Engine aircraft $15.00/hr 

Multi Engine and Helicopter $30.00/hr

No Fuel Surcharge on aircraft aircraft name Wet Rate Wet Block Rate

Cessna 150 N51105

IFR/HSI Piper Cherokee PA28, N7412J

IFR/GPS Piper Cherokee PA28, N7085R

IFR Piper Cherokee PA28, N4132J

IFR/GPS Piper Warrior-II PA28, N8246E

IFR/GPS Partial Glass Piper Cherokee PA28, N9514J

IFR/GPS Mooney Mark 20, N74770

IFR Piper Apache PA-23, N3363P

VFR Enstrom F28A N90775